Office of the Commanding Officer
Hillsgrove, Rhode Island

December 29, 1942


TO: All Pilots, Headquarters 325th Fighter Group, Hillsgrove, R.I.
        317th Fighter Squadron, Hillsgrove, R.I
        318th Fighter Squadron, Manchester, N.H.
        319th Fighter Squardon, Hillsgrove, R.I.

1. This memorandum superceeds [sic] all previous memorandums covering packing, carrying, and disposition of pilots clothing and equipment.

2. This memorandum designates the manner in which all equipment and clothing will be packed and carried. It will be followed without exception by all pilots.

3. The following items will be packed in the cross-country bag. This bag will be in the pilotís possession at all times. It is the only bag that will be with the pilot at all times. This list represents the minimum. Other items of clothing may be carried but the weight of the bag must remain as low as possible. It may not exceed 55 pounds in weight.

1 ea. Necktie, cotton, mohair
1 ea. Trousers, cotton
1 ea. Cross country bag
1 pr. glasses, sun, flying.

1 ea. Brush, shaving.
1 ea. Coat, wool, service (blouse)
1 ea. Comb
2 ea. Trousers, cotton
3 pr. Drawers
1 ea. Trousers, pink or wool OD
1 ea. Flashlight
1 ea. Mirror, trench.
1 ea. Razor
1 ea. Shirt, wool, OD
2 ea. Shirt, cotton
1 ea. Can, meat
1 ea. Canteen
1 ea. Cover, canteen
1 ea. Cup, aluminum
1 ea. Fork
1 ea. Spoon
1 ea. Soap, hand
1 ea. Soap, shaving

4. The following items will be worn or carried by all pilots:

1 ea. Book, memorandum, w/pencil
1 ea. Cap, flight
1 ea. Knife, pocket
1 ea. Necktie, cotton, mohair, OD
1 ea. Shirt, cotton, Khaki
1 pr. Goggle assy, flying
1 pr. Shoes
1 ea. Watch, 7 jewel or better
1 ea. Necktie, cotton, mohair
1 ea. Trousers, pink, green or wool OD
1 ea. Helmet, flying, summer
1 ea. Jacket, flying, leather summer
1 ea. Mask, oxygen
1 ea. Parachute, complete
1 pr. Suit, flying, summer
1 ea. Vest, life preserver
1 ea. Flyers emergency kit, complete
1 ea. Pilot navigation kit, complete
1 ea. Mask, gas, diaphragm
1 ea. Kit, packet, first aid, parachutistís
21 rds. Ammunition, cart. calibre [sic] .45, ball.
1 ea. Pistol, automatic, cal.45
1 ea. Holster
2 ea. Magazine, extra.

1 ea. Head set.
1 ea. Throat mike
1 ea. Belt, web, pistol
1 ea. Pouch, first aid packet

5. The following items will be packed in the bedding roll:

2 ea. Blankets
1 ea. Comforter, cotton filled
1 ea. Roll, bedding, waterproof
2 ea. Covers, matress [sic]

6. The following items will be packed in the foot locker (trunk). The trunk may contain other items in addition except inflammables or ammunition:

1 ea. Shirt, wool, OD
1 ea. Brush, clothing
1 ea. Brush, shoes
1 ea, Cap, service, Oís
1 pr. Gloves
1 pr. Gloves, wool OD
1 ea. Jacket, field
1 pr. Laces, shoe, extra
1 ea. locker, trunk
1 ea. Overcoat
1 ea. Raincoat
2 ea. Shirt, wool, OD
1 tube. Ointment, protective
1 ea. Bag, canvas, field
1 ea. Strap, carrying, for field bag.
1 ea. Suspenders, belt
1 ea. Helmet, steel, M1
1 pr. Trousers, cotton

7. The following items will be packed in the parachute bag:

1 ea. Bag, flyers, kit
1 ea. Cap, flying, summer
1 ea. Cap, flying, winter
1 pr. Gloves, flying, winter
1 ea. Helmet, flying, winter
1 ea. Jacket, flying, winter
1 pr. Shoes, flying, winter
1 pr. Trousers, flying, winter
1 box Crayon, vesicant detector, M7

8. The following items may be packed at the discretion of the pilot in any bag.

3 ea. Undershirts
6 pr. Socks
2 ea. Pajamas
1 ea. Pen, fountain
2 ea. Towel, bath

9. Pilots will always check their planes to be sure that the following items are in the plane:

1 ea. Bag, drop message
1 ea. Kit, first air, aeronautic

                                                                                                    By order of Lt. Colonel Austin

                                                                                                                                          SHERMAN HOAR
                                                                                                                                          Captain, Air Corps,
                                                                                                                                          Materiel Officer